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Seasonsketchers challenge - Samhain 31st October 2021

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in our first Seasonsketchers Nature Journaling challenge. It was wonderful watching the sketches pop up over the course of the 31st October.

Seasonsketchers is a nature journaling/nature connection art challenge which began on 31st October 2021. Using the 8 dates of the Celtic/Pagan Wheel of the year to create 8 pauses across the calendar as the year turns. Sketching outside in nature, capturing our place in nature where we live as it changes over the year.

We captured the seasons and nature from both Northern, Southern hemispheres, and the different latitudes within those. The day began in Australia with a delicate sketch of a Summer orchid in Western Australia.

Moving across the globe, hemispheres and date lines to a rainy, blustery inky sketch of an Autumn day in Southern France.

Moving over the Atlantic Ocean to a calming sketch of a walk through a woodland in Ottawa, Canada.

by @bonniejanemc

The day ending on the Western coast of the United States in California with an ancient Black Oak.

I loved how everyone approached the challenge in their own way, many of you sketching outside. Be that a quick pen sketch, finished at home, sketching from a sheltered position, choosing a time that meant you escaped mosquitoes or going all in and running around in the rain with paper and ink. Using different mediums and approaches as a way to connect more closely with nature, finely drawn single species, to creating with sticks and the weather.

Everyone captured a beautiful moment in time where they lived.

Sharing with a global community is a wonderful experience, and I want to thank everyone for commenting and supporting each of the artist’s who posted.

A special thank you to my two cheerleaders Amanda,

and Katherine.

Your support, enthusiasm and encouragement is very much appreciated.

We had 35 participants from across the world.

4 artists from the Australia

21 artists from Europe, including 14 from the UK

  • Switzerland

  • France

  • Germany

  • Spain

8 artists from USA

2 artists from Canada

As far as I can see all of these artists were adult women. For our next challenge I’d really love to appeal to a wider audience, and to lots more countries, ages, and genders. So if you're able to spread the word and share, I'd be incredibly grateful. I'd like #seasonsketchers to not only be about creativity and art, but sharing, connection, learning and understanding.

If you'd like to see the full gallery please follow the #seasonsketchers hashtag on Instagram. If you'd like to take part in our next challenge, it will be held on Yule 21st December. Sign up to my newsletter and visit my Seasonsketchers page for more information, it's in the tab at the top, or click on the image below.

If you'd like to know more about Nature Journaling and how you can use the Wheel of the Year to help you create a deeper connection with nature I'll be opening up my Patreon membership site by the end of November. Sneak peak below.

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