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Edible Flower Mural

Edible Flower Mural I designed and painted in collaborataion with Pennys Community Arts and Incredible Edible Garforth, with some funding from Leeds Inspired.

Edible Flower Mural

This was my first collaboration with another artist. The organic way Penny and I worked together on painting the mural came naturally.  Redesigning and helping each other as we painted, changing the design to make it work.  It was an enjoyable process, both of us learning from each other.


Having not worked on a mural as large before, one of my favourite parts was transferring our design from a tiny piece of paper to a big wall. Penny and I both stood staring at the design and then back to the wall ‘pondering’ where to start, a daunting prospect. It took a lot of work just to get to this first stage, and it was great to see an idea growing into a public piece of art.


A surprise for me were the conversations we had with the public whilst painting.  Bridging a gap across the ages, people felt able to open up and talk to us both. We had lots of quick comments that it had ‘brightened my day’, ‘made me smile’. But we also had lengthy discussions on life, art and creativity.  Seeing us paint reminded so many people of their love of drawing as children, I hope it encouraged them to pick up a pencil again. I hadn’t realised how painting in a public place would be a conduit to connect and promote creativity amongst a wide range of people.  The painting worked out well and has had a great response from our local community, but it’s those connections that will stay with me.

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