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Welcome to Season Sketchers.  


A nature journaling/nature connection art challenge that began on 31st October 2021.


Using the 8 dates of the Celtic/Pagan Wheel of the year to create 8 pauses across the calendar as the year turns.


Sketching outside in nature, we’ll capture our place in nature where we live as it changes over the year.

How can I take part?

  • Add the dates to your diary.

  • Get Outside (whatever the weather), please watch the video below for more info.

  • Connect with your surroundings, use all of your senses.

  • Notice what’s around you.

  • Sketch something in nature.

  • Share to my Instagram account @raspberrythief and tag with #seasonsketchers.  You can also email me your sketches if you don't use Social media.

  • You can also share on the #seasonsketchers thread on my forum

What are the dates?


The Wheel of the Year begins at Samhain, that’s when our first challenge will begin (please see the wheel below for dates in the Southern Hemisphere).




Yule - Winter Solstice  - Challenge Southern Hemisphere


Imbolc - 1st February 2024

Ostara - Spring/Vernal Equinox - 20th March 2024


Beltane - 1st May 2024



Litha - Summer Solstice - 20th June 2024 - Current Challenge Northern Hemisphere


Lammas - 1st August 2024

Mabon - Autumn Equinox - 23rd September 2024 - 


If you'd like a copy of the wheel to stick in your journal, please click on the images below. Download and print  The image on the left is for the Northern Hemisphere, the middle one blank, and the one on the right for the Southern Hemisphere.

The dates of some of the celebrations change within a day or two of each other each year.  So please check the correct dates for the year above. Or download the blank wheel and fill in the correct dates.

Wheel of the Year image - Northern.jpg
Wheel of the Year image - Blank.jpg
Wheel of the Year image - Southern.jpg

You could plan exactly what and where you're going to sketch, or you could just wander and see where your walk takes you.  Maybe you'll spot something you haven't noticed before.  Sketch on location or bring something home to sketch.  The most important thing is to notice that particular point in time where you live. If you don't sketch outside, make notes to help you remember when you get home. Feeling a bit nervous about sketching outside, I did too when I first started.  If you'd like some tips click on the link here to a blog post about outdoor sketching.  I'm really looking forward to having a peek into the seasons all around the world.


Would you like to know more about how you can use the Wheel of the Year and Nature Journaling to connect deeper with nature where you live?  Join my Patreon membership community, where I'll go deeper into using art and the wheel of the year as a way to connect with nature and the seasons.  I provide a new tutorial every month, on nature journaling, painting, drawing, bookbinding.  As well as extra behind the scenes posts, close ups of my current nature journal, and exclusive blog posts.


You can also join as a supporter to help fund the #seasonsketchers project and the content I provide here and on Instagram.


Click on the link here or image below to find out more.

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