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Everything Is Connected

In October 2020 I began an ongoing project called 'Everything Is Connected'.  My intention being that each season I would learn about, research and draw different connections within the world of flora and fauna.  The first season was a Winter collection.  At the time on the news there was a lot of coverage about migrants coming to the UK on small boats across the English Channel from France.  The stories, our countries attitude to these people, and the images had a huge impact on me.  I began to think of parallels in nature, of the many migrant birds that travel and are welcomed onto our shores every year. The reasons these birds come to our country, and the native trees that they feed on while they are here.  This then became a series pairing a migrant bird with a native tree.  My thoughts were that ‘Birds know no borders’, and although not directly associated with the situation I sent a proportion of  the profits from these cards to the refugee charity Choose Love.

You can find the Winter Collection for sale as a set or individually in my Etsy shop.

I've also made a Spring collection highlighting the connection between our native 'weeds' and the insects that rely on them. 

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