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Seasons 'In Yorkshire' Project

This project was the culmination of a year of exploring the county of Yorkshire. Documenting the flora and fauna seen in different places as the seasons changed over the year. 

In 2017 every month we camped and explored a part of Yorkshire we hadn't been to before.  Taking us from snowy mountaintops and a frosty tent in the Yorkshire Dales. Along riverbanks brimming with wildflowers, through woodlands filled with bursting birdsong, nature reserves with unusual visitors. To the top of bare mossy moorland listening to the eery call of curlew and grouse, old railway lines, corridors for nature in increasingly urban sprawl, to the East Yorkshire coast's towering clifftops, a temporary hotel for thousands of seabirds.

You can find out about our travels and read the stories behind each print on my blog.

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