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Pocket hitchhikers - nature's tiny treasures that end up in our pockets.

The term 'pockethitchhikers' came into being around 2017 when I started to draw the little tiny treasures that I brought home in my pockets on local walks and runs. 


Do those shiny seeds, and stones that you end up picking up and holding whilst out on a walk accidentally end up in your pocket?  If you can't resist that Autumn leaf or twig then you've ended up with a 'pockethitchhiker'.


The whimsical term stuck, and I have created work from this idea ever since.  Collecting a few natural souvenirs of a place, then sketching and painting them.  You can do this on your daily walks, in a special place or on holiday. If you're not able to, or don't have time to sketch outside bringing home 'pockethitchikers' is a great way of recording what you have seen at different times of the year.

*Please note that in some countries, and states it is illegal to remove any natural material from a place you have visited.  Please make sure that you check before taking anything home with you.*

In recent years I have consciously tried to not bring lots of 'pockethitchikers' home, preferring to sketch them in the place I found them, or trying really hard to only bring one or two items home.  My thoughts that these things are better in the place they belong, than on my window sill.  I have also been using the things I bring home, I have planted acorns, that are now small oak trees, or used the items to make art materials and ink with after drawing them.  This feels a much nicer connection and use than just becoming part of a collection.  Being sustainable has become a really important part of my art practise.

Copyright Angela Hennessy ©2023

If you share or use any of the ideas here, please remember to reference me and  link to my website..

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