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What will your Bird of the Year be?

What will your 'bird of the year' be?  The very first bird you see on January 1st 2023.


This is the second year I've run a #birdoftheyear project with my Patrons. My bird last year was the Crow.  I sketched, painted, and learnt about the Crow over the year. Choosing this bird made me take more notice of its habits, how it fits into the eco system where I live, the stories and folklore connected with this bird.


Would you like to have a go? Take a note of the first bird you see, and spend the year taking notice and learning.

Now you've chosen your 'bird of the year' what next?


The idea is to use a whole year to get to know your bird better.


Over on Patreon I've shared 12 different ideas to help you get to know your bird better. You can use one per month, or use them as you have time over the year.  If you'd like to find out more and join our community.

You'll also find lots of drawing, painting and nature journaling tutorials

Click on the button below.

You can find the  #birdoftheyear section on my Instagram highlights,  or follow the #birdoftheyear gallery on Instagram

I'll also be posting updates on my blog over the year.

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