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Uktreetober - a nature journaling project on native trees in Britain

In October 2020 I created a nature journaling project to help me get to know the native trees where I live better.

I chose 12 native trees, and 1 plant in my local area, spending the whole month getting to know each tree. Drawing every week day. Drawing and learning about each tree, I delved into it's place and origins in the British landscape, it's properties and folklore.


I  shared the drawings and what I learnt over on Instagram using #UKtreetober.

In order to simplify what could have been an overwhelming project I used only a dip pen and ink to draw with. No pencils or rubbers, straight in with ink. I also chose to not draw the whole tree, but learnt about it’s parts and characteristics. Drawing only it’s leaves, flowers, seeds, berries etc.

Giving myself limits and constraints helps to curb overwhelm and not knowing where to start.   I find using drawing as a way to learn about a species really inspiring, engaging and empowering. I have done quite a few different projects involving trees, and I always learn something new every time. 

Copyright Angela Hennessy ©2023

If you share or use any of the ideas here, please remember to reference me and  link to my website..

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