About Me

Hi, I’m Angela.

Artist with a passion for the outdoors, nature and exploring. Specialising in watercolour painting, nature journaling, and using art as a way to connect to nature.


My work takes inspiration from walking, running and cycling in the great outdoors, and all that encompasses, maps, flora, fauna, and weather.  

My prints and cards are inspired by my ongoing nature journal.

A record of the change in seasons, plants, birds and animals I see on my travels.  I’m interested in the protection and conservation of our planet and how I can use art to inspire others to connect more deeply with what's around them.

Please explore my work in my portfolio and in my Etsy shop.

If you’re interested in commissioning paintings I’ll be happy to discuss the project with you.

My Background

I have a varied background.  Starting out with my love of language learning (speaking Spanish and French), I spent my 20’s as a senior florist and manager (working in Hull, London and Leeds for mainly corporate customers).  My attentions then turned to books and I briefly worked as a librarian at Leeds University.  After becoming a mum I had my own business manufacturing and selling bespoke baby slings, until motherhood became a full-time career.  I am a constant learner, as you can tell my interests are wide and varied but all have a common thread, creativity.   I’ve always drawn, doodled, and designed, and since my youngest started full time school I decided art was a passion that I needed to explore further, combined with my love of the outdoors.

What’s Raspberry Thief?

Raspberry Thief is the name I use for my Instagram Account and Etsy Shop.

Raspberry Thief is a name that I’ve used for blogging and social media for some time.  The idea for the name came from a funny moment when my then 3 yr old (now 18) came in the house with a face covered in raspberry juice, she had been sat in our raspberry patch picking all the berries, we coined her ‘The Raspberry Thief’.  It was a nod to being in the moment, and enjoying the little things, taking notice of the small things, noticing the details.