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A New Year- Can't see the wood for the trees

February 2021.

Sorry for the radio silence in this space. My last blog post here was last March. Who could have predicted we'd be where we are now almost a year later.

I have still been creative (although it has been a struggle at times), busy with my business (i am eternally grateful to my lovely customers) and posting over on Instagram, as well as supporting my husband and three daughters.

I hope you've managed to get through these unprecedented times, and have stayed safe, healthy and sane.

It feels time to make more of this space, get back to regular blogging and to keep a better document and record of my art journey in my own space. It's often far too easy to create a quick post on Instagram, rather than write something fuller and with more meaning. I wish I'd had the headspace to do that last year, but priorities were in other places.

I completed a few projects last year, so I'll probably start by blogging my experience about those. I painted a mural on my local high street, finished another handmade Nature Journal book and I've continued with my exploration of trees, through reading and my art.

Take care


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