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For an old friend.

It’s the funeral of an old friend today. I won’t be there to say goodbye, but will say goodbye in my own way. It’s been some years since we spoke or saw each other, but I never forgot him, and thought of him often.

Since  his death, it’s made me think about people who have come into my life and drifted away. There are people I met when young that have made an immense impact on my life. Some only for a very short amount of time, yet there are people where I live that I’ ve known for 10 years that will not have the same impact. I wonder if it’s something to do with being young, and having new experiences together.

There are people who touched my life so fully that they will always be a part of me, always in my memory and present in all my choices and actions.  My life is made up from a collection of those moments that propel me forward, I love the thought that they will stay a part of me forever.

So my friend, goodbye, but forever etched into my memory are the times spent together sharing thoughts on books, music, laughing at your crazy antics, dancing with absolute wild abandon, hearing you play the harmonica, listening to the shipping forecast, sat quietly in your room among the motorbike parts helping you type your dissertation whilst you drew, smiling at your madcap stories. You were truly one of a kind.

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