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Running, if you’d have told me 3 years ago that I’d be running 3 times a week I would have laughed heartily. It’s something that crept up on me, starting when my dad had a heart attack. I didn’t want to get to his age and then start looking after myself.

However running has become so much more than a way to stave off illness. Yes, it’s hard, but often there are those moments when your head is completely clear, and you can’t remember getting from a to b. Moments of infinity, being at one with your pace, breath, surroundings. It can be a euphoric experience. I’ve been slack with my running the last few months due to various reasons, and I’ve found it hard getting back into the swing since the new year. But a run round my local nature reserve, muddy, wet feet, kestrels, swans and a whole load of Yorkshire sky has rekindled that running bug. I’m looking forward to more running infinity moments.

The photo above was taken this time last year, I loved running in the snow.

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