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Raspberry Thief Membership

Hi there,  if you're here then you clicked on the link in my new newsletter.  Thank You.

The following videos are calling for feedback from the lovely community I have found as my time sharing my artwork as Raspberry Thief .

I'd like to create a membership community in order to share more of my knowledge, techniques, ideas, inspiration and life.

I already share quite a lot mainly over on Instagram, but I'd like to take more ownership of that and have it all in one place, and to enable me to share more to a select audience, rather than it be public.

I'd love to know if you'd be interested, and if there is anything specific you'd like to see, or for me to share.  I'm currently looking at Patreon, but other options too, that will allow me to share more video content.

I am new to this, so please take that into account (apologies for the endless ermss!).  I'm hoping as I learn about this, I could also help you.

The second video is an example, a simple paint and chat video, explaining techniques etc. 

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