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Adventures In Illustration

I thought I’d write a post about my art, as Raspberry Thief seems to be constantly morphing and changing as I change, and become more confident in my style.  It’s grown from a platform for my drawings to include a lot more of my interests, reading, outdoors, running.  I’ve been using my time to practice everyday, and try to develop a style, story that I’m happy with.  This year I feel like I’ve turned a corner and have something that I can develop and grow with.  It is a combination of things that I love, which is really exciting, as I’ve been trying to find a way of combining my love of the outdoors and my artwork.  I decided after our trip to Brimham Rocks  in January to try and capture the stunning golden glow of the sunset that covered the rocks, and watercolour seemed to be the right medium of choice.  So I’ve decided this year to take my sketching stuff with me on our trips out, and document in drawing an aspect of the day that made me smile/happy.  Our trip out on the 22nd January was tough as the kids were really digging their heels in at going out, but they had a great time once we were out, I wanted to remember that.

On our longer monthly adventures I’m going to fully illustrate our journey/walk/adventure, as I did for our January family adventure to Pateley Bridge.

So by the end of the year I should have 12 fully illustrated paintings of our monthly family adventures, and a sketchbook diary with lots of paintings from our days out.

I’d really love to make more of illustrating other peoples journeys and adventures too, so if you have a journey, adventure coming up, or a special place/day/walk you’d like illustrating please get in contact with me a, and I’m happy to discuss a commission, or a trade.

I’ve made a start on a set of drawings of contemporary inspiring adventurers, Sean Conway and Elise Downing and hope to finish a collection.

I have also begun a complimentary set of drawing of adventurers, explorers from history, so hope to maybe combine these two collections somehow.  My first adventurer from the past is Gertrude Bell, an intrepid forgotten about lady, who was instrumental in dealings in the Middle East.

I’ll also be participating every month in Candace Rose Rardon’s ‘Moment Catchers’, a monthly outdoor sketching challenge bringing together, and inspiring the outdoor sketching community around the world.  Please check it out and join in if you like to draw, it’s a great challenge, and for me has put me out of my comfort zone (drawing in public), which is always great to do. This is my #momentcatcher from February, a few moments sketched on a busy day running errands around town.

So plenty to keep me busy and engaged, bring on 2017.

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