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Bird Of The Year

Did you choose a 'bird of the year' for 2023? How are you getting on?

If you haven't choesn a bird please check out my 'Bird of the year' website page to see how you can join in.

I shared 12 prompts or ideas over on Patreon as to how you could get to know your bird better over the year.

The first prompt for the year was 'notice and make quick sketches'.

Have you been noticing your bird more and more? Have you managed to make any quick sketches?

I made a start on a little booklet that I can add to my circular journal.

I've been keeping a note of my encounters, there hasn't been many so far this year.

We made a trip over to Harewood House near Harrogate. Harewood House is where Red Kite were reintroduced here in Yorkshire in the late 90's. They became extinct in England in 1871. So it was amazing to go back to the place where all our local kites parents will have come from.

I had plans for lots of sketching, and taking footage. But unfortunately the weather was awful, incredibly wet. But we did see Red Kite. Around 10 birds flying together, looking like they were having wonderful fun. Swooping and diving. I managed to take a few photos, and although they're not great. They're really useful for quick sketches, and getting to know the birds shape in flight.

I've drawn Red Kite quite a few times, and I always find the wing and wing tips tricky. Getting the proportion and wing shape right which is really important when distinguishing raptors.

I have been practising my quick sketches though which I shared in this months tutorial. Sketching my garden full of Blackbird, tucking into the windfall Bramley apples.

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