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For the last couple of years January and February have been about getting out one day on a weekend somewhere new. This has made such a difference to the start of the year, instead of wishing those months away, I now look forward to these months. Also enjoying a calmness that will soon end once the Spring arrives. We’ve made a yearly family plan for quite some years now, and January is the perfect time to readdress and rebalance for the year ahead. This year we’re going to add something new to the mix, after coming across Alastair Humphreys website some time ago, I did the usual and followed him on Facebook and Twitter, and felt inspired by his idea of the micro adventure. We began last year celebrating the Solstice by climbing a hill with the family, Alastair’s ideas just take that one bit further.


His idea is to have one mini adventure per month, something easy, cheap, and accessible to all. Preferably in a bivvy bag, sleeping outdoors. So in for a penny, we’ve decided as a family, that’s myself, my husband, and our three girls (aged 5, 7 and 11) will give it a go. We’ll be challenged with making it family friendly, and will approach it as we go along, possibly not all of us doing all 12 challenges together. So we have the dates penciled in, and have mentioned it to some friends and family who may be in on it too. So bring on 2015.

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