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Nature Journaling Quaking Grass

Quaking grass from my 'outdoor nature journal' that I drew for #naturejournalingweek now also in my 'studio nature journal'.

I have used this method of keeping two journals as part of my nature journaling practise right from the beginning, I find it a great way to learn. Keeping a book dedicated to outside drawing, and another for further drawing and deeper work.

I've been up to our local limestone meadow a few times already this month and the 'quaking grass' always catches my eye. It's so tiny, and delicate. There is so much to sketch up there, my June journals are already full of meadow plants and grasses. 

We're looking at grasses over on my Patreon nature journaling community this month if you're interested in the wonderful world of grasses.

Have you noticed any interesting grasses where you live?

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2 comentários

I was noticing quaking grass on a recent walk, so beautiful. And in our garden I have been observing Yorkshire fog coming into to flower. There are so many beautiful grasses, but often I need to remind myself to really notice them💚

3 days ago
Respondendo a

So glad you got to see some Quaking grass it's so delicate and pretty. I hope you managed to sketch some of your grasses.

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