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Runsketch No 2. Hook Moor Wind Farm

Runsketch number 2 done, 7 mile run to Hook Moor Wind Farm.  I decided that I’d have another go this week.  I planned my route and got my bag sorted, then woke up to this!


Rain!, it wasn’t meant to rain.  I was going to run anyway, so I thought I’d still take my sketching stuff out, and hope for the best.  I packed my much smaller Camelbak rucksack this time (no stuff rattling around in the bottom this time), and only packed my sketchbook, pencils, and pens.


Running and sketching kit ready.

No faffing this time, I put my pack on, and off I went.  The demons and negative thoughts never even entered my head.  My run took me out of our little town, along some busy roads, over and under the M1/A1 motorways and out into the countryside, and to the Hook Moor Wind Farm.  These five wind turbines are very impressive, at 125 metre tall,  you can’t help but see them as you to and fro from the town.


Hook Moor Wind Farm.

It was quiet with only one car parked up at the entrance, so I ran under the nearest turbine and got my sketchbook, pencil out and started drawing.  I spotted a dog walker giving me a double take, and felt really self conscious.  I shouted ‘Morning’, then packed my stuff up as I spotted another dog walker coming up behind me.


Feeling self conscious sketching with a dog walker wondering what I’m doing!

I was about to get back to my run, when i thought ‘this is crazy!, you came here, you ran here to draw!’.  I noticed some boulders up near the entrance where the cars were parked.  So I perched myself on one, and got my sketching stuff back out.  Sketched until it began to rain and get chilly.

Small steps, but I am stepping out of my comfort zone, and it felt great.  I’m definitely going to come back up here when the weather is better with my watercolours.  The wind whipped up, and it was pretty chilly, so I packed up and made my way back home, with a big smile on my face.

As I was running, I was wondering how many other artists who are also runners, or runners who also draw are out there?  Would you fancy joining a #runsketch challenge once per month?  I participate in Candace Rardon’s  #momentcatchers challenge, once a month sketching outdoors, and i thought this idea would translate perfectly to #runsketching.  Let me know if you’d be interested, and I’ll look into planning a monthly challenge, where we can share our runs and sketches.

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